What Eyeshadow Look Will Suit Your Eye Shape?

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What Eyeshadow Look Will Suit Your Eye Shape?

Aren’t you curious as to what eyeshadow look best suits your eye shape? We have narrowed down the top tips that makeup artists around the globe use to best suit and flatter their clients eye shape.


If you’re someone with round eyes, like Katy Perry, applying eyeliner starting from the inner corners working your way out to a wing creates the illusion of them looking longer and wider for that “WOW” factor. Applying lighter eyeshadow from the lash line to the brow bone along with a little bit on the lower eyelids is the second step. Then applying darker eyeshadow on the eye crease to create a V (>) shape in the outer corners in outwards and upwards motions to lengthen and lift the eye.


If you have close set eyes, like Jennifer Anniston, start off with highlighting below the brow bone and use a medium shade eyeshadow on the lids, apply it just that little bit further than halfway across. Like the round eye above you want to lengthen the eye outwards. Keep the darker shades in the outer half of the eye. To keep the eyes open only use liner on the outer 2/3 of the eye, add a little highlighter in the corner of the eye.


Monolids mean you have little to no visible crease. Similar to Lucy Liu. Apply a thin line of eyeliner before applying your eyeshadow, pencil liners are preferable as liquid and gel can transfer and smudge on the lid. Cat eye looks are the ‘go-to’ with monolids because it gives a sexy, elongated eye look. Add a thick wing at the outer corners to give the eye some lift and definition. Layer eyeshadow on top and blend out to create a smokey eye effect. Perfect for this eye shape. Skip the bottom lash dark liner as this will make the the eye appear smaller, a nude or white eyeliner on the waterline will open the eye making it appear larger.


Hooded eyes, like Taylor Swifts, are a cousin of the monolid eye shape. With an extra layer of skin below the brow, your eyeshadow can appear to disappear. Highlight the lids with a light shimmery shade to open the eye and apply a dark matte eyeshadow above your natural crease to give the illusion of a higher crease. When using eyeliner define the upper lash line with eyeliner and keep it as thin and close to the lash line as possible. You might struggle to create a cat eye wing with hooded eyes but practise makes perfect and it can be done, in the meantime blend and drag your shadow outwards slightly and clean up with a cotton bud in a wing shape to extend the eye and add drama.


As you can see on Amanda Seyfried above, protruding eyes are big and bright already so nude and matte eyeshadows are great for this eye shape. While you can line the the bottom lashline as well as the top,  going easy on mascara and falsies is important.  Avoiding shimmer on the eyes is best as they are already fabulously bright but giiiirl if you love that glow you work that glow! To bright up the eyes even more apply a flesh tone pencil across the waterline to exaggerate the whites of the eyes. Elongated cat eyes can also help minimize the protrusion.


If you got a pair of these, like Rihanna, count yourself lucky. Practically any look can be achieved with this eye shape! To avoid eyes looking further apart however try avoid shimmering eyeshadow in the tear duct. Creating a ‘spotlight’ eye by applying a dark colour in the inner and outer corners with a lighter shade in the middle is a key trick for reducing the amount of space in between. When it comes to eyeliner keep the flick shorter and more vertical. If you sweep it outwards then it will look wider. You can also extend your liner in slightly in the inner corners to bring the eyes closer together. Applying falsies that are longer in the middle as opposed to a cat eye shape will also suit this eye shape best.


When your eyes are situated deeper in the socket like Cameron Diaz and your brow bone takes the lead over your eyelids then you have deep set eyes my friend. To help push them forward try using illuminating colours and use warm colours under the brow bone. The inside of your eyelid is for light colours and the outside is for darker colours. The middle is for blending passionately. Applying mascara on the top lashes can amp up the look. Avoid putting mascara on the bottom so the shadows don’t take over the look.
As always, everyone can rock whatever eye like they like but these tips are perfect for a startup makeup artist or people who are curious about what eyeshadow look works best with their eye shapes. Go on try it out for yourself and let us know how you got on!