Why not try something different!!


Why not try something different!!

If like some of our clients you are new to the world of nails it can be overwhelming when you walk into the salon and are faced with over a 100 colours to choose from. It can then get even more stressful when your nail tech asks ‘would you like to try something different maybe a foil sandwich or an ombre glitter?’. Hopefully this explanataion  and the few videos and links that follow will help you make a more informed decision next time you visit us and even give you the information needed to start to try something different. For those of you are already nail obsessed you will already be very familiar with glitter and foils and we will have some new and different finishes to show you next month like robot and unicorn dandruff!!.

Being able to design your own individual custom nail can be fun and the combinations are endless. The glitter and foils can be applied over natural nails with shellac or nail extensions gel or acrylics. The glitters and foils do not affect shellac removal and cause no damage to your natural nail.




We use Lecente glitters as we think they are the best on the market and have the best sparkle!. Glitter powders are a great way to start trying something different. They  catch the light much better than glitter polishes making them brighter and shinier! You can go for full on glam by applying glitter to all nails or go for a more demure glitter on the ring finger only. We can apply the glitter to the whole nail plate or we can drag it just up part of the nail exposing the top of the nail with the colour underneath as shown in the video below. You can place any glitter on top of any colour so you can contrast your glitter to your nail colour or match it. After applying the glitter we then seal with a shiny top coat. We have over 50 glitters to choose from and it costs €1 per nail extra or €5 for a whole set. Take a look at the below clip where Stephanie is applying rose gold glitter over cake pop.






Foils are the latest craze and we love this finish again we only use the Lecente brand as we feel it’s a premium product. It creates a great shine and we love the oil sick foil over dark colours  (pic 3).Again you can apply over the whole nail as in pic 1 or scatter the foil over the nail (pic2) . We have a wide range to choose from and you can mix the foils as seen in the below video or just keep it simple with one colour. A top coat is applied over the foil  and the combinations of colour and foil are endless!The foils are the same price as the glitter application.


You can also mix both!!! have look at the below video for some more inspiration!


Who's heading off to a big #festival this week? Here is your festival inspiration no.3 'Mermaid Vibes' ?????

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