NEW – Customised press on nails!!!


NEW – Customised press on nails!!!

Customised press on nails now available at The Nail Boutique!

We have seen so many clients come into the salon to get Gel nails for a wedding or a special occasion only to return the following week to get them removed. We felt there was a market for a less permanent nail extension that you could apply yourselves , remove at home and reuse for the next occasion. The solution is customised press on nails, exactly like the catwalk models we see at the fashion shows these nails can be applied and removed for a special occasion or night out.

The service works as follows

  1. You can pop into the salon to get the nails measured for your size, this will take 5-10 mins and no appointment is necessary.
  2. You will be given a short order form and you can place the requirements for you design or show us a pic that you have found. You can chose any shape colour or design!!
  3. You will be given an estimated pick up date , this will vary depending on the detail of your requirements.
  4. At Pick up you will be provided with a box that will include your customised nail set, application and removal tools and instructions.
  5. You also have a choice of adhesive ( which vary on price) from a bottle of professional nail glue, Sticky tabs or the ultimate adhesive are virtual bond gel tabs that are small sticky tabs that are extremely strong and easy to remove.
  6. There is also an option for application at the salon for and extra €8 if you find it difficult you can make an appointment on the pick up date and we will apply them for you this might be a good idea for the first time you wear them so you can observe the correct application.

Below are images of two sets ranging from full customisation based on an oriental theme to a simple plain classic red set.

img_0045 img_0046


This is a great way of getting a set of false nails that you can reuse, doesn’t damage your  nail bed with the  constant removal and reapplication process.With over a 100 colours to choose from and an endless combination of glitters, chromes, foils, crystals, nails art etc you can get an individual set that fits and suits you.  We will also supply spares on request and to give you a guideline on price see below pricing but each design will vary we are more than happy to give price quotes via private message on Facebook so feel free to send us a pic and we can give you a price .

FREE sizing in salon no appointment necessary.

BASIC PRICE – ‘basic nailbou’

  1. Simple one colour set of 10 – square/stiletto or oval – € 14
  2. Glitter nails one colour set of 10 – square stiletto or oval € 18
  3. Chrome nails one colour set of 10 – square stiletto or oval €20
  4. Ombre nails two colour set of 10 – square stiletto or oval €24.95

Customisation prices – ‘custom nailbou’

  1. Add customised shape coffin/ballerina/pipe etc – + 5euro per set
  2. Nail art per nail on application pls send pic approx. €2-10 euro per nail
  3. Application of nails in salon – + 8 euro per set
  4. Additional spare nails from €2-€5 per nails depending on finish

Adhesive prices

  1. Professional nail glue ml – €3
  2. Nail sticky tabs x 12 – €3
  3. Virtual bond tabs x12 – €5.50


Below is a short video showing the ease of removal and the look on application


Pease feel free to enquire by phoning 0874419456 or PM us on Facebook.