Get longer lasting results from your nail service


Get longer lasting results from your nail service

Solar oil contains

1. Vitamin E- designed to penetrate (even through polish) to protect skin and nails it also contains anit -ageing properties.

2. Jojoba Oil acts as the carrier as it is able to penetrate the outer layers carrying the other oils with it.

3. Rice bran oil – softens and conditioning .

4. Almond oil. – also for softening and conditioning

This combiantaion is important as it helps  to condition your nail and prevent cracking and brittleness especially for the exposed regrowth. By treating the nails daily you improve flexibility, resiliance and resistant to fracturing.

We have found the improvement in the conditioning of the nail provided by the solar oil  allows the results of your nail service to last longer. 


Prices start from 2.95  in the salon.