CND Vinylux why we love it!!


CND Vinylux why we love it!!

CND Vinylux long wear polish in our opinion is amazing and in the post we will explain why . Many people come into the salon and say that they have bought one of the professional polishes now marketed by some leading brands. They really don’t come close in terms of performance , durability and finish when compared to Vinylux.


Vinylux is a 7 day chip free polish and contains adhesion promoters designed directly to keratin and enable the polishes to form a direct and efficient bond to the nail plate, so no base coat needed!. For those of you who couldn’t even think of going without polishes on your toes you probably find that normal polish can leave a brown/orange stain on the nail. Vinylux prevents this staining as it has a barrier mechanism that prevents pigment coming into contact with the nail surface. As for drying time, no more walking out of the salon and smudging your nails by the time you get to the car! Vinylux has an 8 min drying time. We do give it a longer drying time in our salon and finish the service with solar speed spray, this allows the pigment to be locked in place. The best bit is that it contains pro light technology in the top coat this means durability is increased with exposure to light. Photo initiators cause the polish to form a network of cross-linked polymer bonds building resistance to chips and enhancing performance so as soon as you lie out in the sun it get’s stronger,  in essence it’s brilliant!



In the salon we advise clients to get Vinylux on toes when they come in for a service as we feel it lasts an amazing amount of time on the feet. It is then easily removed at home for your convenience and the most important bit is that clients who get shellac tend to leave their toes until the shellac chips or lifts which can be over 5 weeks! this promotes the perfect environment for fungus! Needless to say that if you come into the salon every two weeks for a shellac service with correct removal this is not a problem. CND have over 60 matching colours for shellac and Vinylux so we think the perfect service is shellac on hands and Vinylux on feet. We have this on offer until the end of August for €40 euro to give you the opportunity to try this for your Hols! We also use Vinylux in our child file and paint which is free with every adult service worth €20 or more. Only the best for all our clients! This treat make a great girlie day.


If you enjoy painting your own nails we have Vinylux for sale at €13.95 each or €18.95 for a colour and top coat. If we don’t have the colour you want we can order it for you within a day or two. So get summer ready and book your special offer by downloading our app on the App Store (search ‘thenailboutiquewex’) or by booking online on the homepage of this website.