Top Brow Trends 2017


Top Brow Trends 2017

Brow trends of 2017

So let’s have a ‘brow’se’ of the trendiest brow shapes and styles of 2017!

1. Defined Brow

First up is the ’defined’ shape which you will recognise from about 90% of makeup artists videos and photos. It is the ‘perfectly defined brow’ that most of us wear day to day using a brow pomade and brow gel. It is then carved out with some concealer. This style and technique is the epitome of how a face can be transformed with makeup. This pretty much will be a forever ongoing trend if you ask me!

2. Braided Brow

Then came the ‘Braided Brow’ which I think was a bit over the top if you ask me. I can’t even get my brows to stay in one place let alone braid it! But yes, this was another trend of 2017 and it really took off on Instagram with makeup artists trying this trend out. Pretty impressive if you managed to succeed in this. If you look reeeeeally closely, I’m pretty sure that this was photo shopped or drawn with makeup. But who knows and who cares because this trend still took one of the top spots for brow trends in 2017.

3. Wavy Brow

Remember the ‘Wavy Brows’? Yes, quite a unique approach to the brows of 21st century. Basically the description is in the name..It was a wavy brow. Done with a very skilled technique of the brow pomade. Considering this look for your next night out?

4. Feathered Brow

I think this trend is actually not too bad to be honest. The ‘Feathered Brow’. Some people were really able to pull this off if you ask me. It’s one of those trends that I think will stick around because if you look at some makeup artists on Instagram then you’ll still see this trend in use in 2018. Using a mascara wand, separate the brow and using some Vaseline or clear brow gel/mascara apply it to the parts of the brow you want to stay in place. Half up half down.

5. Natural Brow

The ‘Natural Brow’ is fast becoming the most popular brow look over the defined brow. Its a ‘I woke up like this’ look. If you have naturally full brows you can literally wake up like this. If you don’t, fear not it is still achievable! Simply fill in under your brows to add thickness and brush the brows upwards with clear brow gel or clear mascara to get that messy textured look.


6. Dragon Brows

This look caught the attention of many makeup artists. It involved parting your brow into 6 parts looking like the arches of a dragon’s spine. The imagination of some people really baffles me! Quite unusual but hey it became a trend so let it be.

So there you have it, one can only wonder the trends of 2018. Many weird and unusual trends have rose in 2017. How much more things can one possibly do to their brows?! We can only wait and see…